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HairLossAt Shioma Wellness MD, we take full advantage of modern technologies and advancements in aesthetic and regenerative medicine. This means that once we find a therapy to be proven and effective, we will use it to help our patients in as many ways as possible. This is true of PRP therapy. In other pages, we made reference to the use of platelet rich plasma for facial rejuvenation and sexual rejuvenation. Amazingly, the same procedure is highly beneficial for treating hair loss in men and women.

It is logical that growth factors present in our blood would benefit any area where there is damage and it is applied. Generating new cells is beneficial not just to skin, but to the hair follicles as well. Platelets support hair formation and follicle size. Note that this therapy works to thicken the hair that you already have and secondly, to prevent additional hair loss. It may not grow new hair in a bald area. However, if you are losing hair or your hair is thin, we can help!

Here is how platelet rich plasma therapy works. The patient receives small injections that consists of platelet rich plasma, collected from the patient’s own blood. Because it comes from you, there is no chance for an allergic reaction or rejection. PRP strengthens the hair strand, and slightly increases size. The effects are long lasting, with most patients not returning for six months or longer…even up to 18 months!

A series of treatment may be necessary for some individuals.

We will draw a small amount of blood. The plasma is then separated in our office by a special centrifuge. After preparation of the PRP, the procedure may take as little as 30 to 40 minutes, and there is no downtime. The patient can return to work or normal activities immediately after. The PRP is injected into the scalp and some is applied to tiny openings created on the surface of the scalp by a micropen.

Numerous studies can be reviewed that demonstrate the effectiveness of platelet rich plasma therapy with hair transplantation. There is less healing time and discomfort. The increased size of the follicle makes hair fuller, thicker. Hair loss can be reversed. You do not need to accept your condition. Of course, the results are going to vary by each individual, so we need to do a complete consultation and discuss your particular situation.

We have found that women’s results tend to be slightly better than with men, but both achieve a noticeable response. Note that in women, hair loss can be affected by many hormone imbalances. So if a woman has a thyroid problem or has other hormonal imbalance, this could be causing her hair loss.

The beauty of functional medicine is that we assess the whole person and look at the big picture. We will identify the cause of your hair loss and work to fix it. Most often in conventional medicine you may just get a cream or some pill and these may or may not be effective. Not only that, these can be associated with unacceptable side effects in the future. Our procedure is safe and uses products derived from your blood. We welcome your questions. Dr. Okereke has worked in aesthetic medicine throughout her career, and is highly experienced. Her focus in functional medicine places her in a strong position to deal holistically with issues of hair loss. Contact us for your initial Consultation. 



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