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Combating Obesity

Published April 17, 2018

If you’re like most Americans, each year, you resolve to finally lose the twenty pounds that have been hounding you for the past several years. You might reflect on past attempts and realize you did everything you thought you were supposed to: eat right, avoid junk food, and eliminate soda. You joined a gym, kept a regular schedule, and attended a few exercise classes. You even passed up the home-baked treats and donuts your coworkers brought to the office! Even so, each year, the weight fails to come off, and you may have even gained a few pounds as you get older. It turns out, the weight gain you’re combating might be more out of your control than you think. Several tests may shed light on why your efforts at a healthy lifestyle may not be getting the results you want―and point the way to winning the battle of the bulge. Read more…


July 26, 2018

The Health Impacts of Stress Extend to Autoimmune Disease

Do you find yourself stressed more often than not, and do you ever wonder how it might be affecting your overall health? Do you ever try to brush stress off, […]

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