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Sexual Wellness for Men and Women

Achieving Sexual Wellness at Shioma Wellness MD – Serving Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Woodlands, Kingwood, Pearland, College Station, Beaumont, Baytown, Webster, Galveston, Victoria, South Texas, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, McAllen

Improving Sexual Wellness and Sexual Health Sexual health is a topic that is seldom discussed and may go untreated, even though many men and women are faced with changes in their sexual behavior, performance, and desire. Over the years, women may struggle with vaginal dryness and pain during sex; while men are battling erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido.

Many of these issues may leave people feeling vulnerable and ashamed, hindering their self-esteem and even standing in the way of intimate relationships. The Sexual Wellness Program was designed to specifically treat the various obstacles that both men and women encounter as they mature, to help reawaken their sex drive and have more satisfying sexual experiences.

Men: Enhancing Sexual Wellness

In men, levels of testosterone decline with age and this decline may result in effects that could restrict their sexual performance. To enhance muscle memory and sex drive, the Sexual Wellness Program provides compounded, professional-grade medications and supplements so that men of any age can still enjoy an active sex life. The Sexual Wellness Program for Men includes:

If desired results are not achieved with the tablets, a compounded injectable is also available in conjunction with the other items. Your physician will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Women: Supporting Sexual Wellness

Issues such as poor vaginal lubrication and low libido can lead to painful sexual intercourse for women. Although extremely common, women tend to be too embarrassed to talk about it with anyone—even their doctor. With the specific sexual needs of women in mind, the Sexual Wellness Program can provide relief and enhancement to females who are struggling. The Sexual Wellness Program for Women includes:


It’s time to start prioritizing your sexual health with the same importance as you do your overall health. Contact Shioma Wellness MD about the Sexual Wellness Program with any questions or concerns that you may have! Don’t let these common troubles take over your life.



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