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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Learn how Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can help you restore your energy, sexual drive, and overall sense of well-being.

Wellness Programs

Hormones and weight gain are more closely related than you might have thought. Find out how our wellness programs can help you manage your weight, improve your vitality, and restore your energy.

PRP for Hair Restoration

We believe that you shouldn't have to apply topical chemicals to restore your hair. Learn more about how PRP is helping patients restore their hair naturally.


Put that Spark Back in your Sex Life!

Welcome to Shioma Wellness MD

Welcome to Shioma Wellness MD! We’ve set out to build a one-of-a-kind practice where both patients and their physicians can work together to overcome the obstacles that are typically associated with aging, stress, weight gain, and/or hormone imbalance. As members of the BodyLogicMD physician network, Shioma Wellness MD offers patients treatment for conditions such as menopause, andropause, hypothyroidism, and sexual dysfunction by employing the latest Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), customized nutrition and fitness programs, and more.

We’re committed to our patients’ well-being. Our comprehensive treatment programs are designed to address your individual needs and to help you achieve optimal wellness.


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*Results not typical. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider before making any changes to your healthcare regimen. See our Full Disclaimer.
  • "It just seemed like everything was starting to fall apart. One of my girlfriends was using bioidentical hormones and it got me curious. I'm the kind of person who reads up on everything, so I started reading up on it and researching different doctors that use Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. It turns out that I was suffering from hypothyroidism, so my…Read More
  • "I first heard about BodyLogicMD through a high school friend of mine: she is in her 40's, a working mom with 2 young kids, and has the energy to train for triathlons. This was especially impressive since she had never been very active. When I asked her how she did it she told me how everything had changed for her…Read More
  • "I have never felt better in my life! I do not feel, nor do I look 46. I’ve dropped 18 pounds and I’m toned. I covet my exercise and “me” time and I’m religious about taking my prescribed supplements and bioidentical hormones. Just try to keep up with me! Even my husband is now under Dr. Okereke's care for the…Read More



March 24, 2017

Gluten Intolerance vs. Celiac Disease

It’s common knowledge that people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease should stay away from gluten. While this is nothing new, many people without celiac disease have recently been […]

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