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The Priapus Shot and Erectile Dysfunction; What You Need to Know About the P-Shot

By Dr. Phyllis Okereke

Dr-Phyllis-Okereke-Color-114x150Author and world-renowned integrative medicine physician Dr. Phyllis Okereke, Medical Director of Shioma Wellness MD and a highly respected member of the BodyLogicMD network of physicians specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, sheds light on the effects of erectile dysfunction, both physically and psychologically, in this must-read book for men living with sexual health limitations.

In The Priapus Shot and Erectile Dysfunction; What You Need to Know About the P-Shot, Dr. Okereke offers a refreshing insight into the actual causes of erectile dysfunction and treatment options available. She further discusses the implications that erectile dysfunction can have on overall health and educates readers on the Priapus Shot™ (P-Shot) procedure and benefits.

The P-shot is a minimally-invasive, affordable procedure that allows men to achieve better erections and an increased sensation leading to a more satisfying sex life. This method incorporates an injection of platelet-rich plasma – collected from the patient’s blood – to aid in the body’s natural healing process while stimulating sexual enhancement. The effects of the P-Shot are loBook Picng-lasting, with most patients not returning for 6-18 months.

This book proves to be exceptionally helpful for men who recognize the influence of sexual dysfunction in daily life, as well as the impact it can have on their partner. After reading The Priapus Shot and Erectile Dysfunction, men will gain a more comprehensive understanding of erectile dysfunction, the complexities that trigger it, and treatment options that are available to enhance sexual desire and quality. No man is alone on this journey.

The Priapus Shot and Erectile Dysfunction is now available for purchase on Amazon.



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