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O-shot – Platelet Rich Plasma

Recommending the O-Shot™ for vaginal enhancement and sexual rejuvenation for women – Serving Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Woodlands, Kingwood, Pearland, College Station, Beaumont, Baytown, Webster, Galveston, Victoria , South Texas, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, McAllen

beauty portraitAt Shioma Wellness M.D., we are highly experienced in cosmetic and minimally invasive procedures. We practice and live by functional medicine, and optimize aesthetics as part of our methodology. Dr. Phyllis Okereke has worked in aesthetic medicine since 2000, and has focused on functional medicine since 2006. Her patients enjoy the best of both worlds. Her treatments provide much better results as the inside causes of accelerated aging are addressed at the same time as the outward manifestations.  She offers no procedures that she would not have done on herself, and has in fact experienced most of the procedures that are provided here at the center.

The O-Shot for women is truly revolutionary, and has helped thousands of women already to improve their sex life and bring sexual joy once again. This is very important for psychological and emotional wellbeing and overall health. This affordable procedure leads to more satisfying sex, and this is reported time and time again by those who have utilized the therapy. It is a safe procedure that is minimally-invasive. (Some patients may need a repeat of the procedure to enhance their results). The patient receives an injection in the vaginal area that consists of platelet rich plasma, collected from the patient’s own blood. This is called platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy. Because it comes from you, there is no chance for an allergic reaction or rejection.

This is an ideal treatment for a woman with laxity in the tissues of the vagina after having a baby, or for women who are experiencing urinary stress incontinence. The vaginal walls and urethral opening will be tightened, and urine leakage diminishes or stops altogether in some patients. Patients with severe vaginal atrophy and dryness can also benefit from this procedure.

The way the PRP procedure works is the same as when you have an injury. If you severely sprain or tear muscle or tissue or have a cut, blood rushes to the site to begin the healing process. The platelets, one of the clear particles in the blood that is packed full of growth factors, release these growth factors at the site of injury. The growth factors stimulate immature dormant cells called stem cells, and these start to mature into new adult cells in the injured area. These cells replace the damaged cells and heal the injury. This is what happens when we inject you with your own platelet rich plasma. New cell growth is stimulated and the area develops cells that are new, healthy and active.

Blood is drawn from the patient and the plasma is separated in our office by a special centrifuge. After the PRP is prepared, the rest of procedure takes 30 minutes or less, and there is no downtime. The patient can return to work or normal activities including sex immediately after. A local topical anesthetic is used and there is no significant pain. The O-shot brings great relief from vaginal dryness. It also improves the sphincter of the urethra. It truly is a good, effective and minimally invasive procedure that will lead to more satisfying sex for the recipient. The results may vary in individuals depending on age and overall health. We also use PRP therapy for men, which is known as the Priapus Shot or P-shot.

Every procedure is thoroughly explained to patients ahead of time, so that you can decide if it is right for you. Dr. Okereke is happy to answer your questions and alleviate any concerns you have about the O-shot and sexual rejuvenation for women. We will see you at your initial Consultation.



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